Good branding creates loyalty to businesses, awareness to prospects, increase in sales and brand engagement. However, branding is not something that we can get by just mere wish. That’s why we must discuss the steps you need to take to get the perception and recognition you need. Let me take a flashback to how I started my personal branding process. Of course, It started with  making a decision to pay attention to my actions online and sticking to the plan. Branding is one of the best decisions you can make for yourself and business. If you have made the same plans to strategically get the attention of your audience  with your online representation, here are some things you need to consider just before you start.

  • Define Who you are and how you want to be perceived.

The foundation of your progress on this huge branding step you are about to take is built on identifying what you/ your business have to offer. You can answer questions like; what problem does your business solve? And as a creator, there has to be a problem you are solving.  How do you want your audience to see your brand?

What is your edge and advantage over other brands? These are the questions you need to ask yourself so that when you make an impression, you can live up to it.

  • What will your promise to us (your customers) be?

Now that you have the above sorted, this time you need to agree on what your audience should constantly expect from your brand. Preferably, it should be your uniqueness. With your brand promise, you constantly remind your prospects of why you are the best option for them. Your brand promise can be upgraded and improved on. Maybe soon, we will discuss how to communicate a brand promise. A brand promise is a reminder of your value, experience and a positioned expectation.

  • Your business goal on your brand promise.

If there isn’t a business goal; perhaps you are just starting, you need a business goal. Your goal is the plan, Branding is your map. They are inseparable and must work hand-in-hand. With your business goal, here you factor if your brand promise is on track with what you aim to achieve with your business. Guess what? It is normal to adjust your goal and your brand promise at this stage. It has to get better. Hence, your business must be able to satisfy the expectation you’ve created..

  • Only consistency will help your branding process (make up your mind this time)

It is easier said than done and therefore requires more work. Make sure that your services or products stay exactly as you’ve made your consumers expect. Most importantly, consistency creates reminders. Maybe your services are not needed instantly but trust me as far as people can see you promoting the same thing over and over again you will automatically get registered in their minds. Two things are likely to happen; firstly, your audience will begin to see you as an authority in your niche and secondly, you get to successfully build a relationship with your audience and because there is a relationship, you are likely to become their go-to.

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